Who We Are

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AsIsHomeBuyers.net is a family-run company that buys distressed houses for cash in Southeast Texas (from Houston to Galveston) and Southern California. If you are looking for someone trustworthy who can help you get out of a foreclosure or forbearance problems without a stain on your credit report, that’s us. We will buy your house regardless of its state and pay for all the closing costs. Our company has been a trusted business leader for over 6 years, and our real estate experience runs deep.

We have two missions:

  • 1 Help homeowners sell their distressed houses and transition to a new life hassle-free.
  • 2 Improve home values and make neighborhoods more beautiful by offering newly-bought homes to suitable buyers and renters.

Who We Help

Call us right away if you are in any of the following situations:

  • You have severe mortgage or forbearance problems you can’t fix.
  • You are having a divorce soon, and you want to sell your house fast and in compliance with court order. (If you are already divorced, contact your attorney for advice. Get your latest credit score, too.)
  • The home you want to sell is a probate estate.
  • Your home is rundown, and you want to move to a better one.
  • You are looking for cash for your house.
  • You have considerable debt and need cash immediately.

What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Service

Online estimates are often inaccurate and only end up being renegotiated. We will schedule a no-obligation consultation, visit your house personally, and give you an offer based on your house’s actual condition and value.

High Ethical Standards

We take our reputation very seriously. Our business is founded on principles of integrity and transparency. We will discuss the process in detail and explain every area you find confusing--no hidden charges and unexplained terms.

Simplified Process

Some homeowners hesitate to sell their houses because they are intimidated by the process. AsIsHomeBuyers.net makes the process as straightforward as possible. You don’t have to remove unwanted items or do some repairs before turning your home over to us.

Avoid Extra Charges

We don’t require escrow or attorney fees. We also don’t take real estate commissions or broker’s fees. Just a direct house sale where you get the right cash payment in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I sell to you instead of listing with a realator?

If you sell to us there is no commission, closing costs or any other fees associated. You also won't have a group of strangers walking through your house, especially durning a pandemic. You will save thousands, while still closing through a legal escrow. AsIsHomeBuyers.net uses the same legal process as a realtor.

Do I need to clean out my house?
Do I get the same cash offer we agreed to?
How soon can I close?

What Our Clients Say About Us


"These guys are fantastic. The team they have helps you through every step of the way. They are easy to work with, understanding and patient with every question you ask. 100% transparent and honest to the core. Definitely recommend these guys."

Travis B.


"AS-IS is the right choice if you are looking for Integrity and efficiency, totally recommend them!!!"

Adan A.

Get Started Now!

Contact AsIsHomeBuyers.net today, and we will schedule a visit to your home. We prefer evaluating your property personally instead of providing an online estimate and an offer that will just later be renegotiated. Let’s discuss the details of the process during our visit.

You can call us at (424) 571-2899 or send an email to [email protected].